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Automatic Pet Feeder with Camera,2-Way Audio, 1080P HD with Night Vision, Wifi 3L

Automatic Pet Feeder with Camera,2-Way Audio, 1080P HD with Night Vision, Wifi 3L

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【Smart APP Feeding】Redsasa Automatic Pet Feeder with camera is equipped with 2.4GHz WiFi connectivity(NOT 5G), enabling you to customize and keep track of your pet’s meal schedule from anywhere using the Redsasa Lite App for Android and iOS devices. With the feeder, you can schedule up to 8 meals per day, each with 1-20 portions((10g per portion)), and create a personalized feeding plan for your pet. You can easily view the feeding log to ensure your pet is being fed correctly. Furthermore, the feeder allows multiple family members to control it from their smartphones.

【High-definition 1080P Camera for Remote Monitoring】With the Redsasa smart Automatic Dog Feeder with camera, you can remotely monitor your furry friend with a 1080P HD camera featuring a 110° wide-angle lens, offering you high-resolution video and audio of your pet’s mealtime. You can even store these videos on your mobile album and use your phone to playback and analyze your pet’s eating habits. Additionally, the feeder’s built-in camera supports IR (infrared) night vision, allowing you to observe your pet even in the dark.

【 Every Single Bite is Bursting With Freshness!】 Thanks to the ingenious rotor in the automatic cat feeder’s base and the twist-lock lid, your furry friends won’t be sneaking in for extra nibbles. And with the built-in desiccant bag and sealing strip, the food stays crispy and fresh as can be. Plus, cleaning is a breeze since the tank lid, tank, tank base, and food bowl are all removable.

【Dual Power Supply】These automatic pet feeders can be powered by the included adapter or 3-D batteries (not included). If you happen to be away from home and there’s a sudden power outage, the automatic cat feeder with camera will keep working with the batteries, keeping your furry friend fed and satisfied.”

【3L Large Capacity】With a 3-liter storage capacity, this larger cat feeders for indoor cats ensures you won’t have to stress about your furry friend running out of food even if you’re away for an extended period of time.The transparent tank allows you to monitor the food level and add more food for your pet at any time.

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