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Cat/Dog Feeder Self-Dispensing, (Feeder + Waterer)

Cat/Dog Feeder Self-Dispensing, (Feeder + Waterer)

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The Box Includes:
1*Pet Food Feeder that Holds 4.63lb of Food;
1*Pet Water Feeder for 1 gallon of Water;
1*Pet Food Scoop;
1*Sponge Bottle Brush;
Size: 16.66*8.26*14.48in
Weight: 2lb
Material: plastics
Approximately 7 days for small pets and 3 days for large pets.
You can go out for vacation, work or party with confidence.
Why choose Marchul Cat Feeder and Water Dispenser Set?
1.Thoughtful Sealing Cap
Food grade silicone pad protection. Sealed storage is more resistant to moisture and freshness.
2.Large Diameter Food Spout
Gravity food dispensing, large caliber will not jam, very smooth.
3.Easy to Install
Stable design of three sockets, stable dining experience for cats, won't be knocked and pushed over easily.
4.Precise Graduated Line
Clear visual window and precise scale display to keep an eye on the water level.
5.Smooth Water Dispensing
Gravity water storage, water storage spout will never rust. Automatic water refill.
6.No Wet Beard Design
Lightweight spout design won't wet your beard or darken your chin.


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