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Rechargeable Smart anti Barking Collar with 6 Adjustable Sensitivity Beep Vibration (waterproof)

Rechargeable Smart anti Barking Collar with 6 Adjustable Sensitivity Beep Vibration (waterproof)

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CICPAP Dog bark collar has 3 training Modes,6 adjustable sensitivity level adjustable.

Beep ; Vibration ;Beep +Vibration�

Your Mr. Dog or Miss Dog may be your perfect companion in most situations.But it's easy to get frustrated if he has a habit of barking excessively

CICPAP dog bark collar, provide quiet and peaceful

100% Humane and Pet-Friendly

No electric shock and sharp spikes, won't hurt the dog

Q1: How long can my dog wear a dog bark collar for?

A1: We recommend allowing your dog to wear a CICPAP dog bark collar for no more than 12 hours a day. Be sure to check to dog's skin daily and clean the neck and snout often to avoid any irritation

Q2: How old does my dog have to be to wear a dog bark collar?

A2: We suggest waiting until your dog is 6 months of age before using a dog bark collar.

Q3: Can other barking dogs set my dog's collar off?

A3:CICPAP barking collars are activated by vibrations from the dogs vocal chords, it can safely and effectively filter other unrelated sounds, preventing false triggering and protecting your dog from accidental shocks or unnecessary punishment

Q4.Does the dog bark collar safe or human with shock ? What does it feel like?

A4:The bark shock collar is human and safe. It is like the little zap you get when you touch your car door on a dry day or when you rub your feet on carpet and touching a metal door handle

Q5.The dog bark collar strap is too long for the dog's neck

A5: In order to adapt to dogs of various sizes, the length of our collar is up to 27 inches. If the collar received is too long, you can cut off the extra part.�

Q6. What is the correct wearing method?

A6:When the wearing is completed, two fingers can be placed just under the dog bark collar of the neck.Do not too loose or too tight.

  • 100% Humane and Safe: No shock and sharp spikes, won't hurt the puppy, it's safe to use. Our humane barking collar uses 6 sensitivity levels of safe vibration and beep. It can be easily adjusted according to environmental noise to correct your dog's bad barking habits and reinforce good behavior.
  • Dog Bark Collar for Small Dog: Automatic anti barking & protection dogs bark collar, won't hurt the puppy, safer to use. Ideal no-shock bark collar for small dogs with neck size of 6 to 20 inches. Put the bark collar on your dog's neck, and all annoying barking at night or after leaving home will disappear, and your family and neighbors will enjoy a bark-free environment.
  • Rechargeable & Waterproof: It only takes 1-2 hours to fully charge and can work for about 15 days. IP67 level waterproof dog collar can be used outdoors in any weather.Ensure use in the rain, go camping, go to the beach, bathing, swimming, and even surf. Whether it's raining or in a damp environment, you can confidently use the dog bark collar without worries.
  • Upgraded Chip, No More False Triggering: The intelligent anti-bark collar for small dogs uses an advanced intelligent bark recognition chip and motion detection technology, It will detect a dog barking at a specific frequency and decibel that will not be triggered by other sounds.
  • Clearer Dispaly: The dog bark collar for small dogs is equipped with a Smart color display that clearly shows the working status and power level. Remains clear and easy to read both in bright sunlight or dark night. The dog bark collar with a color LED light makes it easier to spot your dog, ensuring you can find them closely at night.
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