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Glow In Dark Dog Leash

Glow In Dark Dog Leash

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Shine Brighter, Walk Safer: Introducing Glow In Dark Dog Leash
Elevate your evening strolls with our Glow In Dark Dog Leash, where safety meets style in every step. Made from robust polyester straps and featuring a translucent surface adorned with vibrant hues, our innovative Dog LEDs are crafted to illuminate your pet's path with flair.
Choose from a spectrum of captivating colors - red, blue, yellow, green, orange, and pink - to match your pet's personality. With multiple flashing modes including long light and slow flash, you can tailor your furry friend's look for any occasion with ease.
Packaged elegantly in an OPP bag, each Dog LED comes with a unique code number and color stickers for effortless identification. Powered by two CR2016 button batteries (included), these LEDs boast an impressive battery life of 60-80 hours, ensuring prolonged use. Plus, with readily available replacement batteries, you'll never be left in the dark.
Designed for versatility, our Dog LEDs are perfect for evening strolls or outdoor escapades. The removable electronic cleaning part makes them ideal for dark environments, providing both visibility and safety for your beloved pet.
Illuminate your pet's personality and safeguard them with Dog LEDs. Whether it's a casual walk or a nighttime adventure, our fashion-forward design guarantees your pet stands out from the crowd, day or night. Turn heads and illuminate the path with Dog LEDs - the perfect blend of fun, function, and flair for your four-legged companion.

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