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Heating Electric bed / Waterproof Anti-Slip Type-C Heating Pad

Heating Electric bed / Waterproof Anti-Slip Type-C Heating Pad

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Heating Pad Blanket Dog Cat Puppy Mat Bed Pet Electric Warmer Pad Protection Waterproof Anti-slip Type-C Heating Pad

1.Balanced and stable heating: This heated dog pad provides more consistent warmth than other products, as it uses a high-quality heating element that distributes heat evenly and safely. 

2.Waterproof and Durable: Made of high-quality composite cloth and cotton, this heated dog pad is wear-resistant and soft and can be reused for a long time.

3.Overheating protection: This heated dog pad has a built-in auto shut-off feature that prevents it from getting too hot and ensures your pet's safety and comfort.

4.Type-C interface: This heated dog pad features a Type-C interface that allows you to charge it with any compatible device (note: power bank not included). It also has a leak-proof design that prevents electric shocks and protects your pet.

5.Easy to Clean: The heated dog pad has a detachable design that makes it easier to clean. You can simply remove the cover and wash it by hand or machine. The pad also has a regulation design button that allows you to adjust the temperature.

Keep your furry friend cozy and comfortable with our Pet Heated Pad. The soft pad provides more consistent warmth with overheating protection. Equipped with a Type-C interface, it's easier to clean and maintain. Give your pet the care they deserve with our heated pad.

Size: M:40*25*2cm/15*9.8*0.78in; L:50*25*2cm/199.8*0.78in

Material: waterproof composite cloth (technical cloth) cotton

Color: light khaki

Weight: M: 0.17kg L: 0.26kg

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